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How Funds are Used

Funding is used to support our core values and foundation priorities.

Gold Star Support:

  • Home and lawn logistical support that spans from short term lawn care to long term bi-annual home maintenance.
  • Financial gifting, counseling and planning that results in a lifetime of financial security at the standard of living previously enjoyed.

Operational Readiness:

  • Individual crisis response support

Relationship Building Events:

  • Relationship building events like Veteran Unit Member gatherings, informal socials, formal balls, post training and real world deployment events.

Professional Development and Veteran Unit Member Transitions:

  • Financially assisting current or Veteran Unit Members where appropriate to continue to pursue excellence and success both in and out of service.

Human Performance:

  • TUF stands ready to fill the gap in HP resourcing support to ensure that already existing programs leave no gaps towards a goal of physical lethality, longevity and resilience.  The TUF goal is to also bring tailored human performance programs to our Veteran Unit Member population.

TUF will always validate any requirement and ensures that an already existing platform (US GOV or non-profit) does not already exist to resource the requirement.