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Mission Statement

In alignment with Unit priorities, The Unit Foundation (TUF) supports emergent and recurring Unit requirements; offers perpetual support to Unit Gold Star families; and supports current and Veteran Unit Members and their families, all while striving to not duplicate services available through other Veteran Service and benevolent organizations.


Passionately serve with humility and compassion. Objectively and responsibly manage the gifting of others with transparency.


  • Earn TRUST every day in all that we do.
  • Remain ADAPTABLE so that TUF can meet the needs that others do not.
  • Have COMPASSION with OBJECTIVITY so that TUF can support where it is needed yet responsibly manage the generous gifting of our donors.


  • No duplicative efforts – work in the spaces where others are not.
  • People – Sustainable High Performance support, Professional Development, Transition Support, Veteran Unit Member Support and Gold Star Support.
  • Relationships – Relationship building events not covered by DOD funding strategies.
  • Operational Readiness – Individual Soldier crisis response.
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